Application for Renewing Passport

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The process of passport renewal can be really a cumbersome task. There are a lot of complications attached with the process and there are a lot of formalities to be fulfilled. In order to ensure hassle free renewing of passport certain guidelines must be diligently followed by the applicant.

Things Required

There are certain documents which are required for applying to renew the passport. These documents are:

  • Firstly the old passport is required together with the photocopies of the first four pages. It also must be self attested. The photocopies of ECR and ECNR must also be produced with the other documents.
  • If in case the old passport was issued to the holder when he was a minor and the passport do not have a ECNR stamp then the applicant must produce the attested copies of certificate or degree equivalent to matriculation.
  • Thereafter the verified address proof must also be required. The documents acceptable in this situation are phone or electricity bill, ration card, or the passport copies of the parents or guardians and spouse in certain cases.
  • Three copies of the very recent passport size photo is also required. T5he face must be very clear in the photographs.

Steps Taken for Application to Renew

Re issue vs. Renew: It is important to note here in this regard that new passport is re issued only when the older one has completed its tenure of ten years. The re issue takes place either I year before the expiry or within three years after the term of expiry. The passport which is reissues has the validity of 1 to 5 years. It has been observed that often during the cases of emergency the passport is re issued without any extra cost being charged.

  • The Form of Application: The application form for the re issue of passport is similar to that of the new passport. There are specific charges which must be paid for the application form. The cost of the form varies according to the different categories. Like for instance the cost charged for children differs from that of the adults etc.
  • Submitting Application: The completed forms of application are supplied to the relevant passport offices.
  • Checking the Status: After the application have been made appropriately it becomes very important to check the status of application. The latest system of checking the application online has become very helpful for the applicants. The status can be checked from the relevant online sites file reference number.

Therefore adhering to the above mentioned steps ensures hassle free completion of the obligations for the purpose of reissuing or renewing passport. Although certain caution must be maintained to ensure speedy redress of the application.

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