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Applying passport for a child can be a task involving real patience. Hence the first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind remains the fact that it is always advisable to apply the passport for a child as early as possible, whether it be concerned with acquiring a new passport for the child or renewing an old one it is important to understand that neither of the two is a cake walk. Over the years the regulations and the procedure for applying passport for a child has become more stringent in order to combat any instances of child abduction. Although the new regulations for applying child passport may initially seem to be really nerve wrecking yet it is best suited since it guarantees increased levels of safety for the child.

Steps Taken

Therefore in order to apply child passport the following steps must be taken:

  • Firstly the child needs to appear in person with both parents or the guardians.
  • Parental consent is compulsory for children below the age of 16.
  • Various documentation proofs are also required

Proofs Required

As already mentioned for the purpose of applying passport for a minor various proves of documents are required. These are enumerated below:

  • Proof of Citizenship: The first and foremost proof required is that of proof of citizenship. Evidence of the citizenship of the place where the child has taken birth is of prime importance. Therefore the birth certificate of the child is required in this respect. Birth certificates or the certified copies can easily be acquired from the registrar office of the state where the child was born. Other documents which serve the purpose of proofs of birth can also be presented if required.
  • The Relationship proof: If in case a previous passport is provided as the proof of birth than the same cannot be regarded as the proof of relationship. In order to proof the relationship of the parent with the child the following documents must be presented as the proof:
    • Birth Certificates with the parents name mentioned on it.
    • Certified copies of Foreign Birth Certificate if in case the child was born abroad.
    • Appropriate certification of the Birth abroad.
    • Adoption decree
    • Court order that establishes the authority of the parents.
    • The order of the court establishing the authority of the guardians.

Other Documents Required: Other document to be required for the process includes the following:

  • Photo id proof of the parents or the guardians who are applying for the passport of the child.
  • Photo id proofs such as driving license can be helpful in this regard
  • A photocopy for each of the documents submitted must be produced as well.
  • A passport photo of 2*2” in size must be submitted of the child.
  • Finally the payment of passport fees must also be made.

After the submission of the above documents and the fulfillment of the relevant formalities the application is submitted at the passport office. It takes almost 6 weeks for getting processed.

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