Do’s and Don’ts of Applicants

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Passport is of prime importance since it is a document that enables to identify the nationality that a person belongs to. It is important to note here in this regard that applying for a passport can truly be a cumbersome process and is often inclusive of certain hassles and difficulties. Therefore there are certain pre requisites which need to be maintained and adhered to in order to ensure less complication in the process of applying for passport.

Therefore following are the Do’s and Don’ts which must be deliberately followed by the applicants of passport.

  • Photograph: For the application of passport a colored photograph having white or light background must be pasted. The size of the photograph must be 4.5cm * 3.5 cm. the photograph must be the very recent photograph of the applicant only. It is important to note here in this regard that the photograph submitted must not be older than 6 months from the concerned Date. No sign or signature must be present on the photograph.
  • Demand Draft: The Demand Draft required for the application of the passport must be issued by a Bank which is appropriately scheduled for the purpose. It is important to note her in this respect that the validity of the draft is to be 60 days or at times more than the date of submission. The amount mentioned in the draft must be of the exact fee required. It is very important to take care of the draft. In no condition whatsoever must the draft be torn, tattered or soiled.
  • Documents: The documents required for the purpose are the photocopies of the original ones which must be duly self attested. For each of the category of document just one documentary proof is sufficient. The documents concerned must be appropriately mentioned in the section named Enclosure. The personal details provided for the application must be appropriate and must duly match the details as mentioned in the documents produced.
  • Application Form: The Application forms to be submitted for the passport must be of the new format only then the application form will be accepted. No tattered, torn or foiled application form will be accepted by the official. The form must be duly completed without any mistakes. Details such as the age, permanent and communication address together with the educational qualification, Contact number etc must be duly mentioned in the form.
  • Signature: the application form must be duly signed by the applicant. His thumb impression must also be provided. This is a compulsion that must be given below the photograph. Signature and the thumb impression must also be present in the self declaration in the last page.

Therefore the above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts must be followed strictly in order to ensure appropriate completion of the form.

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