How to Check Passport Status by Name

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Once you apply for a passport in India, it generally takes 4 to 8 weeks for getting a new passport. This time may vary from person to person. However, you can keep track of your application online. You will need to input your name, your date of birth and file reference number for the purpose of retrieving your application status. Such tracking facility is available on official website of Indian passport office. You may also be required to provide your online registration number. In case you are not able to get all this data, then the site contains directions for retrieving such information. Such online system makes it easy for you to keep track of your passport application status.

Procedure for the Application

In order to avoid delays in the issue of the passport, you should follow all the guidelines for application process. These guidelines remain same whether you are applying for a fresh passport, reissue of passport or for a passport in lieu of damaged or lost passport. You will need following documents for the application purpose:

  • 6 passport size photos, each measuring 3.5x 3.5 cm
  • Proof of age
  • 3 documents for proof of residence

Passport application process has now been greatly simplified. You can obtain the application form for Rs. 10 from any regional passport office or travel agent. After properly filling in the details and attaching the above documents, you should submit the completed application either through head post office or via online portal.

You should check the latest conditions before applying for the passport and you should follow them closely. Currently, if you are born after Jan. 26, 1989, then you are required to use either MCH birth certificate or Domicile certificate issued by any educational institute as your proof of age. The documents eligible for proof of residence are bank account details, water bill, ration card or voter ID card.

Tatkal Scheme

Government of India also offers Tatkal scheme for passports. This scheme is applicable under certain circumstances. If you fulfill the set criterions, then you can opt for fast track passport issue system. You should first check if you are eligible for passport under Tatkal scheme. You will have to pay additional Rs. 1500 as Tatkal fee, over and above regular fee of Rs. 1000 per passport. It generally takes 5 to 7 days to get passport issued under Tatkal scheme.

Passport Fee

According to current fee structure of passport, the fee for getting a new passport or renewed passport is Rs. 1000. A minor can get a passport for Rs. 600. If you are applying for a duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport then you need to pay Rs. 2500 in fee. There are certain other fees applicable as well.

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