How to go about Getting a New Indian Passport

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The procedure for getting a new Indian Passport has been greatly simplified in recent years. Passports are issued by the various Regional Passport Offices (RPOs), so hunt for one in your city if you need a new one made. It can take up to 45 days to get a new passport, so be sure to plan ahead. Keeping in mind the following simple steps and tips will help you greatly:

Steps for getting the Passport:

Before you apply for the passport, please be sure to have all necessary documents with you. These usually include 6 passport size photos (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm), Age-proof certificate, and 3 different residence-proof documents (utility bills, ration cards, etc.). Please enquire at your local RPO to verify the exact list of documents required.

Once you have all the required documents, follow these easy steps to get your Passport:

  • Buy the application form. It’s usually available at the RPO or other legal publication institutes for `10.
  • Once you’ve filled the form, take it to the RPO with the required documents for submission. You may have to wait in a long queue before you get to submit the application, so plan ahead.
  • At the RPO, you’ll be given a token. Applications will be called based on the token numbers, so wait for your turn.
  • Once you’re called, submit the application to the designated government officer and complete any other required formalities.
  • The passport will be mailed to the address mentioned in your application form once it has been processed (approx. time – 30 to 45 days).

Special Cases

Passport For Minors: A signed approval letter from parents/guardians is compulsory along with passport applications for minors, along with the birth certificate, proof of residence and photocopies of the passports of the parents/guardians.

Tatkal: In case of emergencies, there is a ‘Tatkal’ facility available. To get a passport under this facility, a Verification Certificate (available at the RPO) must be submitted along with the application, duly stamped and signed by the designated government authority. At the time of submission of application, the applicants must make it clear that they wish to apply for a ‘Tatkal’ passport. Processing time for these applications is 4-5 days, depending on availability of resources and manpower.


  • Be sure you have all required documents with you. Even a single missing document is enough reason for your application to be rejected.
  • Please wait for your turn to submit the application. Yelling at the officials and asking to be moved ahead will not be entertained, and might result in your application being rejected.
  • Do not believe touts/bookies who claim they can get your passport done faster. There is only one standard way of issuing an Indian passport, and it takes the time it has to. You might end up losing all the money you give, and not getting a passport at all.

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