How to Report a Lost/Stolen Passport

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In case of loss or theft of an Indian Passport, the first thing to be done is notify the nearest Police Station and lodge a First Instance Report (FIR). While the police investigation is on, also notify the nearest Regional Passport Office immediately, stating the date, time and location of the loss or theft.

To apply for a new passport, one needs to fill out an application for “Re-issue of passport”. The application form is available at all Regional Passport Offices, District Passport Cells and Speed Post Centres. Once the application is ready, submit it to the nearest Regional Passport Office with the following documents:

  • Current Address Proof (utility bills, ration card, etc.) (If applicant’s present residential address is different from the one mentioned in the old passport, the address proof needs to be attested by the supervising police officer of the local police station.)
  • Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate)
  • Affidavit stating how and where the Passport was lost/damaged
  • Original Police report of the FIR lodged by the applicant
  • Self-attested photocopy of the first two and last two pages, including Emigration Check Required (ECR) as well as non-ECR pages, of the old passport

Once the application is submitted, it will take around 15-30 days for it to be processed, and then the new passport will be mailed to your residential address.

Important Points to Remember:

  • If you lose your passport or it gets stolen while you’re abroad, don’t worry. Lodge a complaint at the nearest Indian Mission office and follow the procedure stated above for a new passport.
  • If you lose your passport or it gets stolen while you’re abroad and you need to return to Indian on account of an emergency like serious illness or death, head to the nearest respective mission/post of that country and ask for an “Emergency Certificate”, that can be used to return to India. The procedure for issuing an Emergency Certificate may differ from country to country, so please be sure to completely understand the rules and regulations of your country’s respective mission/post.

Passport damage is classified into two categories:

  • Passport damaged, not beyond recognition – Passport number is readable, name is legible, and photo is intact.
  • Passport damaged beyond recognition.

If the passport damage is of the first category, then you can apply for a new passport on an urgency basis under the ‘Tatkal’ scheme. However, if the damage is of the second category, then the ‘Tatkal’ scheme is not applicable. In such circumstances, for a passport on an urgency basis, contact the Assistant Passport Officer at the nearest Regional Passport Office.

If your passport is lost or stolen, DON’T PANIC. Keep a calm head, follow the procedure mentioned above, and a new passport will be issued to you in no time.

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