Important Information about Passport File Number

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The passport file reference number or file number is the number provided to an individual when he applies for a new passport. This number is the actual identity of the application that one submits at the Regional Passport office and all the following enquiries and status enquiries will be conducted based upon this number. This unique number is given as a reference number to every individual applying for a passport from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Determining Process

The passport file reference number is actually a combination of some letters and digits and also the year of the application. The alphabets are determined by depending upon the name of the place from where the application is made. In between the alphabet code and the year in a passport file reference number there are six digits that means there will be 12 in total that makes the passport file reference number a unique 12 digit number provided to every applicant.


The most important advantage of this number is that it makes the whole process of application status enquiry easy and convenient. Being the unique reference number for any application all the subsequent steps will require this number and the users must not lose it under any circumstances even when one has received is passport. This is because this number will be required again for renewal or reissuance of passport. Once the applicant submits the application form and pays the money in the Grants counter in the Regional passport office and this will be the only way to refer the application to the department one must keep it safe.

Where to Find It

Passport file reference numbers are required for renewal and reissuing of passports too. In the passport application form one is required to answer that if he has previously held a passport or is currently holding one and in that case details of that previous passport are also required. The file reference number of the passport is generally found in the last page of the passport.

Lost your Passport

Losing one’s passport can really turn out to have a devastating effect and the passport file reference number may come real handy under those circumstances too. One is required to report to the police immediately with the file reference number and then with the photocopy of the First Investigation Report one can then approach the Regional Passport Office for a reissuance of his passport. But without the passport file reference number the situation can turn out to be real complicated and can really take some time before one gets back his passport again. Moreover in the modern IT enabled structure this number can really make things easier for the applicant and for any kind of status enquiry this number needs to be mentioned.

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