Knowing the Passport Status through SMS

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If anybody wants to know your passport application status on your mobile through SMS then all he needs to is to send as SMS or make a phone call from his mobile. Most of the Regional Passport Offices of the country has tele-enquiry facility basd on IVRS or Inter-active Voice Response system that can provide application status details to the callers. In order to receive passport status through SMS one is required to send an SMS with “STATUS FILENO.” to the number designated for his Regional Passport Office. Any mobile phone owner with SMS facility can avail this service against a cost that depends upon the service provider.

Reaching Out More People

Availability of passport application status through SMS can be really useful to keep one updated with his application status even on a move. It is really incredible because there can always be some last minute problems like errors in names and damaged passport delivered and in those cases an instant update through the SMS status update service can prove to be extremely useful. This facility can come real handy once the police verification is completed which is generally conducted within 20 days of receiving the PPF or Personal Particulars form from the Regional Passport Office.

Though in recent years the number of internet users in India has increased by a considerable extent but still it is quite negligible compared to the total population of the country that has access to a mobile phone and in this respect the advantages of passport status through SMS is quite sure to reach a lot more people. But the applicants are requested to keep it in mind that as this is quite new for many regional Passport offices that might require waiting for some time if the server is busy and for the first few days there is every possibility of it due to jamming of lines. So if one is shown with something like “Service Not Available”, or something else then that means that the server is busy and he should better try after some time. This problem is expected to last for the first few days only and after that everything will ease out.

The Procedure

In order to check passport status through SMS one will be required to go through the following steps irrespective of his location in the country.

  • He will need the toll free number or the customer care number of the Regional Passport Office that comes under his residential jurisdiction.
  • Go to the “write Message” option in any mobile and type “STATUS FILENO.”
  • Send the message to the toll free number.
  • If you are a BSNL customer then it will cost you Rs. 1.50 per SMS and the charges will vary for other service providers.

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