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Once anybody has applied for a passport in India, he can always do the application status enquiry in order to know about the progress of his application. The application status provides one with the information on whether his application is ready for verification or is still in process. Passport enquiry status is available both online and offline and one can always prefer the option that is suitable for him.

Offline Status Enquiry Options

There are a number of offline status enquiry options like

  • Making passport status enquiry through telephone. Every regional passport office has a contact number for this purpose and anybody can contact through this number to have some knowledge about the present condition of his application status.
  • Anybody can personally visit the Regional Passport Office for a status enquiry and can get all the relevant details if it is convenient to him.

Online Status Enquiry

Online status enquiry is now considered as the most convenient way to know the present status of the passport application and one is generally required to go through the following steps for a successful online status enquiry

  • Log on to the official passport website of the Indian External Affairs Ministry and browse to the status page.
  • Select the city from where the application for the passport is made from the dropdown menu.
  • This will redirect the user to another page where he is required to mention the name of the city again along with the year of registration and file reference number.
  • Press the submit button after all the details are provided and the present status of the passport application made against the particular reference number will be displayed.


Regular enquiry about the passport application status can provide one with a number of advantages and one of the most important of them is the assurance that his application is making progress and there is nothing wrong about it. This may also enable an applicant to expect a date for the police verification and once the police verification report is submitted with a passport status enquiry one can get the knowledge about whether the verification work was successful or is still incomplete and will require some more time to complete. It is only after the police verification process is completed successfully then with a status check one can know the expected dispatch date of the passport.

This can really save one with a lot of unwanted tension regarding getting the passport in time and in case anything goes wrong during the process he will come to know about it immediately and rectify the situation as early as possible. Moreover, in certain times this regular status updates can prove to be extremely useful to chalk out the other details related with the trip.

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