Standards for Passport Photograph

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The External Affairs Ministry of India is very strict about the requirement of the documents for issuing passport. There are certain standards that need to be followed while providing a photograph for the passport. If the applicant submits the application for passport at a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or a mini Passport Seva Kendra (Mini Psk), the applicant’s photograph will be taken at the Service Counter.

Whereas, if the applicant submits the application for the passport at a District Passport Cell(DPC) or a Speed Post Cntre(SPC) or a Citizen Service Centre(CSC), then the applicant is required to paste a passport size photograph on the application form. The size of the photograph should be 4.5cmx3.5c.m.

Note: If the applicant is a minor and below 4 years of age, the applicant must carry a passport size photograph when visiting a Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) or Mini Passport Seva Kendra(MiniPSK). The photograph must be on a white background and a clear image.

There are certain checks that the applicant must keep while providing the photograph for the application of passport. The following is the list of Dos and Don’ts


  • The photograph provided should not be more than 6 months old.
  • Four copies of the same photograph are required. One is required for the application form, 2 copies of the same photograph are to be pasted on the PP form, the other copy is required for the passport.
  • The passport size photograph is to be pasted within the box meant for affixing the photo in the form. The size of the photograph should be 4.5c.m.x3.5c.m.
  • The photograph should be on a light background, preferably white and the applicant must be wearing dark colored clothes.
  • The frontal view of the full face of the applicant should be clearly visible in the photograph.
  • The photograph should be printed on a thin photo paper or stock. It should of a continuous-tone quality.
  • The face should bear a normal expression. Grinning, frowning or raising eyebrows is not allowed. The eyes should be open and both the edges of the face should be visible.
  • The head should be in the centre of the frame with both the ears should be visible in the photograph.


  • Black and white photographs are not allowed.
  • The size of the photograph should not be smaller than the box (4.5cm in length and 3.5 cm in width).
  • The background of the photo should not be dark. Photos in uniform or with eyes hidden with dark glasses will be rejected.
  • Do not sign the photograph.
  • The eyes should not be covered by hair and the glares of the spectacles should be avoided by tilting the glasses a little.
  • Computer print photograph is not acceptable.
  • Don’t provide a torn or creased photo.
  • Except for religious reasons, head coverings are not acceptable. The face should be visible from forehead to chin.
  • Don’t provide a photograph cut from any other or group photograph.

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