The Passport Fees

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The new passport fees introduced by the US for US passport book and other relevant forms of passport services came into effect on July 13th 2010.

The Utility of Passport Fees

Passport fees charged for the applications are not only beneficial for covering the costs of the production for US Passport Book as well as US Passport Card but it also covers the expenditure for the different services during the emergency purpose as well. Such services are available for the American overseas citizens as occurring in the crisis situation. The situations of crisis can range from being that of natural disasters to that of crime scenarios. These services are attuned for helping the citizens who are stuck abroad under the situation of acute crisis. Such services are also used during the instances of death of the American citizens.

Further the fees which are charged for the application of passport are also used for ensuring technological up gradation in the department as well as implementing initiatives which are significantly focused on the prevention of any instances of fraud. The maintenance of security are also covered from these charges.

The fees charged for passport are often utilized for the purpose of expansion of infrastructure in the passport department. It ensures the following benefits:

  • Provisions for timely services
  • Maintaining high standard of services delivered
  • Ensuring proper security
  • Ensuring timely services for the public travelling
  • Maintaining high standard for t5he purpose of adjudication etc.

Therefore it can be relevantly mentioned that the passport fees are utilized for various purposes starting from the expansion of the infrastructure to maintaining high standard of services to be provided to the citizens and applicants.

The Importance of Passport Fees

It is important to note here in this regard that the passport fees are determined by the governments of the specific countries. Although expenditures for different purposes are incurred from the fees charged yet it must be noted that there is no profit incurred from the fees. Whatever is earned is spend on the various needs of the department and for the purpose of its expansion and infrastructural improvements.

A very important aspect to be mentioned in this regard remains the fact that no matter what under no condition the passport fees are refundable. This system is applicable to all the different types of applications.

The Value

Generally the passport books and the passport card are valid for almost ten years. A very important fact remains that the passports for the minors below the age of 16 years have the validity of only five years as compared to ten years of the adults. The passports are not only used for the purpose of travel but it also has relevance as identity proof as well.

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